The Blue Miracle

Product description: The Blue Miracle natural weight loss supplement contains 100% natural herbs and vegetable fibers that are formulated in a precise manner. The ingredients work synergistically to lower cholesterol levels and reduce fat in the waist, thighs and buttocks resulting in a more pleasing figure and improve fitness. An additional benefit is rejuvenation of skin. Statistics have shown that majority of people using the product lost 5 to 10 pounds within the first 30 days.

Ingredients in Blue Miracle:

• Aloe: Relieves constipation, cleanses internal systems, aids in fat and sugar metabolism.

• Camellia sinensis: Increases energy by improving blood circulation, and provides nutrition to kidneys.

• Crataegus pinnatifida: Sourcing from the Hawthorne Tree, (leaf and berry) this herb may help regulate both high and low blood pressure and can normalize cardiovascular functions in the heart. It can help with weight loss by slowly breaking down cholesterol and dissolving fat deposits in the body. It can also help reduce water retention by expelling excess salt from the body.

• Morus alba: The seed of the flax plant. It is used for chronic constipation, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, bladder inflammation, hypercholesterolemia, hyperglyceridemia, arteriosclerosis, and osteoporosis.

• Decaffeinated Green Tea: Due to its richness in polyphenols, the numerous health benefits of green tea are undisputed in the medical community. Pertaining to weight loss, green tea may promote weight loss by burning fat, increasing metabolism, and inhibiting the movement of glucose in fat cells. It also has a powerful antioxidant and can help to lower LDL (aka “bad” cholesterol) levels.

• Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn: Extracts from the lotus leaf that may help to suppress the appetite and process and promotes lipolysis (breaking down fat into free fatty acids and glycerol).

Suggested Usage:

It is recommended to start The Blue Miracle with 1 capsule a day in the morning prior to breakfast. Continue this for up to 2 weeks or until your body is adjusted. At that point you can add 1 more capsule in either the morning or early afternoon for a total of 2 capsules a day. Do not ever exceed more than 2… We recommend this process so your body can slowly adjust to the natural benefits of the herbs. Continue use of capsules consistently for 3 months. At that time stop usage for 2-4 weeks before starting again. Because it is an herb your body can become immune to it over time and not receive the full benefits. That is why this withdraw is recommended.

If however weight loss comes to a standstill before 3 months you can withdraw for 1-2 weeks to re-jumpstart the weight loss process. Do what works for you and your body. All bodies are different therefore the process of weight loss may bedifferent as well.

In the beginning some may experience a temporary change in their sleeping patterns due to the new extra energy your body is now receiving. Most will experience temporary dry mouth due to reduction of water weight. It is vital to drink plenty of water, as well as eat plenty of meals. Skipping of meals or lack of water will only result in slower weight loss and not allow The Blue Miracle to work its magic.


Information provided does not provide diagnosis, prognosis, or prescribe remedies for the treatment or prevention of any illness or disease.